San Diego Unified’s Nursing & Wellness Department would like to remind 7th Grade Families that the Tdap booster is required for entry to 7th Grade.  Reminders have been sent throughout the summer; for the latest, check for an August 16, 2021 email from the RMS Office. 

If you received a reminder and have not already turned in documentation of the Tdap vaccine, please submit a complete and updated immunization record before August 30, 2021, the first day of school.  The RMS Office is open 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM, or you may email documents to

If your child(ren) still need Tdap or other immunizations and has Medi-Cal or no insurance, immunization services are available throughout San Diego County at six Public Health Center Locations. Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

County of San Diego Immunization Clinics

If you do not submit your child(ren)’s immunization record BEFORE August 30, 2021, they will not receive a schedule on the first day of school, and you will be called to pick up your child(ren). 

If you have questions about immunization requirements, please contact the immunization nurses at and/or

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