The Yearbook Committee has come up with a safe way for you or your student to submit their yearbook portrait photo.

Please use THIS LINK to fill out the form giving your student permission to be in the yearbook and submitting a portrait photo. DO NOT use your student’s email. You must use a personal email address. Please submit/upload your student’s photo by Friday, 5/14 and if possible, make sure you label your student’s FIRST and LAST NAME and GRADE to the photo file name (labeling the file may not be possible from a phone but upload anyway)

If you have any questions or concerns, or if you are having trouble with the form or with uploading a photo, you may email the photo (confirm FIRST and LAST NAME and GRADE are on the file name or in the email subject line) to the yearbook committee.

Every student will have digital access to the finished yearbook and they can request a printed copy if they are unable to print it from home. Thank you for your participation!

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