Check out the February 2021 edition of our new ASB newspaper, The Roosevelt Gazette!

Created for Roosevelt Students by Roosevelt Students!

Inside the February 2021 Issue:

  • Black History Month: Katya S.
  • Teacher of the Year, Mr. Lockwood: Natalie E.L.
  • All About the Coronado Islands: Lilian M.
  • Things To Do for Valentine’s Day: Savannah R.
  • Winter Sports Contest Winners.
  • Readers’ Submissions: Jokes & Riddles.
  • Dogecoin: Cryptocurrency of the Future. Caleb K.
  • Monthly Story: Ruby T.
  • Holidays in March: Sebastian C.S. & Isabella A.

Email your ideas for The Roosevelt Gazette articles to:

Join the Roosevelt Gazette Team: Google Classroom zpzbvwg.

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