Hello, Roosevelt IB Families!

Starting Tuesday, March 2, 2021, we are looking forward to four days of Advisory period (March 2-5, Tuesday – Friday, 10:00 -10:28 AM) for Students to work on their Student-Led Conference presentations and continue other Advisory activities, including 8th Grade Community Projects and a “No Place for Hate” activity.

The purposes of our Student-Led Conferences for Spring 2021 are:

  • To support a connection with Families and Students.
  • To provide a time and space to engage in meaningful conversations at home around school.
  • To allow our students to share their learning, progress, and growth.
  • To also allow our students to share a little bit more about their identity and who they are becoming.
  • To begin the process of rebuilding our community.
  • To make space for creativity and authentic reflection.

Students will choose one of the following three options to share with their Families:

Our recommendation is for Students to have the conversation and present their work to you on Thursday, or one day over the weekend. Please remind your child(ren) to start each day in Advisory period for March 2 – 5 (Tuesday-Friday).

Quarter 3 Progress Report Grades will be available on PowerSchool on Wednesday, March 3 after 4:00 PM.

Thank You!

Principal Steinberger: bsteinberger@sandi.net

Vice Principal Brewer: cbrewer@sandi.net

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