Roosevelt IB MS Music invites the RMS Community to “Travel the World Through Music!” RMS Music is combining virtual learning with the International Baccalaureate world philosophy to create its own “Travel The World” music program.  We encourage ALL RMS Families, especially our Band, Orchestra and all 6th Grade Music Students (Quarters 1-4), to enjoy San Diego’s Center for World Music FREE online concert The Music of Vietnam: Roots and Resilience THIS SUNDAY, February 7 at 2:00 PM (PST).  Registration is FREE; the confirmation email will include a link to the live stream.

Please CLICK to Register for your FREE TICKET to the Center for World Music online concert “The Music of Vietnam: Roots & Resilience” (Sun, Feb 7, 2PM). 

In this live-hosted concert, Emmy award-winning composer and multi-instrumentalist Vân-Ánh Võ reflects on traditional Vietnamese music and folksongs. She presents a daring work for đànbầu, a single-stringed Vietnamese instrument, and voice that takes inspiration from poetry by eighteen-century poet Hồ Xuân Hương. With her Blood Moon Orchestra, she offers a collaborative work for đàntranh zither, taiko drum, and oud lute. Vân-Ánh Võ will address questions from the audience throughout the program, as well as during the Q&A. 

If you missed our first “Travel the World Through Music” adventure with Hermanos Herrera, their recorded concert “The Regional Music of Mexico” is available for viewing until Feb 15:

Save the Date for the next RMS Music Boosters Meeting: Feb 18, 2021 at 6PM.

If you have questions about RMS Music, 0 Period Band & Orchestra or our new “Travel the World with Music” program, please contact the RMS Music Director, Mr. Elias Kocivar:

Thank You for Supporting RMS Music!!

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