Check out the first edition of our new ASB newspaper, the Roosevelt Gazette! Created for Roosevelt Students by Roosevelt Students! We are a division of ASB. Every month, we will release an online newsletter with news you’ll enjoy! Every edition will have information about events, contests at school, short stories, interviews with Staff, fun activities and much more. Thank you for reading!

CLICK for The Roosevelt Gazette January 2021 Vol. 1

Inside the January 2021 Issue:

  • Interview with Ms. Hassan, RMS Librarian: Natalie E.L.
  • All About Australia Day: Lillian M.
  • Winter Poetry Contest: Annelise M., Boston M., Leah O., Savannah R., Lillian M.
  • February 2021 Calendar: Sebastian C.S.
  • Monthly Story: Ruby T.

A Note from the Editor: “Hello, Readers and fellow Roosevelt Students! If you’d like to see more awesome content like this, send an email to with your ideas. Join the Roosevelt Gazette Team: Google Classroom zpzbvwg.” – Katya S.

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