Black History Month celebrates the achievements of Black Americans and acknowledges their central role in United States History. It is a chance for us to learn details of our nation’s history that are often neglected. Black History is American History.

We still have much work to do to truly live out the creed that everybody is “created equal.” The lessons of Black History Month provide us with a way forward by examining our past. There are so many stories yet to be told. Black History Month inspires us to seek out the extraordinary. The stories are waiting; we just have to find them.

Mrs. Hassan, our RMS Librarian, invites us to explore her guide to Black History Month Resources. Books about Black History, and more, are available in the RMS Library inventory. Check out RMS Library books from Mrs. Hassan on Wednesday mornings (8:00 AM – 12:00 PM).

The SDUSD Youth Advocacy Department has created a directory of resources for Black Lives Matter “Week of Action” Feb. 1-5: SDUSD Youth Advocacy Department BLM Week of Action Resources

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