Click to “Support Our Families In Need.” | “Peace One Day, Peace Everyday” 2020

A Message from the Friends of Roosevelt Foundation President:

“On top of all the other stress the COVID-19 pandemic has caused, it has added to the financial burdens of many Roosevelt Families. RooFriends, with Principal Steinberger’s assistance, is setting up a special year-round fund to purchase gift cards from retailers, like Target and Ralph’s, to be distributed to some of those hardest hit.

If you would like to confidentially help Roosevelt Families who are struggling to make ends meet, please consider donating to the “Support Our Families in Need Fund.” Any amount is appreciated, and your donations are tax-deductible. Upon donating, you will receive a “Thank You” confirmation message with our Tax ID # for your records.”

Thank You, Roosevelt Community!

Betsey Zbyszynski, Friends of Roosevelt Foundation President (2019-2021)

Thank You for Donating to “Support Our Families In Need.”

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