RMS Musical Tree Campaign (Day 5): The RMS Music program for Band & Orchestra Musicians and 6th Grade Music Course Students connects our children to their musical interests: playing brass, string and percussion instruments, exploring music composition and learning about the culture of music. RMS Music Director Mr. Elias Kocivar faces the challenges of remote learning/teaching with creative, innovative ways to inspire his students to appreciate music.  

20201211_032512.jpgTogether, let’s encourage and strengthen students’ connection to music by donating to the RMS Musical Tree Campaign today:

  • Music Coaches to assist students, in smaller, focused groups, with learning their instruments.
  • Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) Keyboards to enhance students’ experience with music composition. 
  • Headphones to improve students’ learning environment, helping them to stay attentive. 
  • Maintenance of instruments and acquisition of music equipment. 
  • Supporting outreach and engagment opportunities: music workshops, concerts, competitions and more!!
Please donate a tax-deductible contribution to the RMS Musical Tree Campaign. Thanks!!


20201211_033836.jpgMusic students will create digital musical instrument ornaments to make a digital Musical Tree dedicated to donors. THANK YOU for helping RMS Music thrive through this challenging time!!

 – The RMS Music Boosters

RMS Music: Music-Learning thrives at Roosevelt IB MS! Every 6th Grader is enrolled in a 9-week music course and the 0 Period Music Elective (Band/Orchestra) is OPEN to 6th, 7th and 8th Graders. Interested in joining Band or Orchestra? Please contact your Counselor and the RMS Music Director, Mr. Elias Kocivar: neliaskocivar@sandi.net. 

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