Mid-Quarter 2 grades were updated in PowerSchool on Monday evening.  Please have a conversation with your student using Principal Steinberger’s 12/1/20 SLC Email.  Students will reflect on their progress for all classes, including Quarter 1. Likely, most communication will be in regards to Quarter 2 classes, but if you have any questions, please email your child’s Quarter 1 teachers as well.  

CLICK to Share/Review the REFLECTION FORM with Your Child 

Student-Led Conferences Timeline:

  • December 2, Wednesday: Students begin filling out their responses.
  • December 7, Monday: Grades available. Students complete the grade portion.
  • December 8 & 9, Tuesday & Wednesday: Students initiate conversations with Parents/Guardians.
  • December 10, Thursday: Connect with Teachers to answer questions resulting from child-parent/guardian conference conversations. Teachers have 3 communication options:
  1. Send an email home with any specific guidance for their class and provide an opportunity for you to respond if you have a question.

2. Host a session during their class or office hour where they will have students share their form with you, and check in briefly to break out rooms, similar to the in-person model.

3. Set up times during their office hours where you can sign up through Google Calendar for an appointment. Directions on how to sign-up will be provided.

Principal Steinberger will send a survey home for you to share your feedback after Student-Led Conferences conclude. If you have any questions about Student-Led Conferences, please contact your child’s Teacher (please be on the lookout for Teacher email) or Principal Steinberger: bsteinberger@sandi.net.

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