Hello, Roosevelt IB Families! In this week’s Advisory classes, Advisors and Students discussed the upcoming Student-Led Conferences and the assigned Reflection Form. Teachers will reach out to you via email regarding conference procedures. Principal Steinberger will review the Reflection Form at Friday morning’s Town Hall Meeting (December 14, 8:00 – 9:00 AM). Students are WELCOME to attend the meeting to review the Reflection Form and conference procedures with you.

CLICK to REGISTER for the TOWN HALL MEETING (Friday, Dec 4, 8 AM)

At an IB school, Reflection is a critical part of the educational process.  The Reflection Form helps guide your child through the process that results in a conversation with you. Students need to make a copy of the Reflection Form in their Google Drive before working on it. 

CLICK to Share/Review the REFLECTION FORM with Your Child 

Student-Led Conferences Timeline:

  • December 2, Wednesday: Students begin filling out their responses THIS WEEK.
  • December 7, Monday: Grades available. Students complete the grade portion.
  • December 8 & 9, Tuesday & Wednesday: Students initiate conversations with Parents/Guardians.
  • December 10, Thursday: Connect with Teachers to answer questions resulting from child-parent/guardian conference conversations. Teachers have 3 communication options:
  1. Send an email home with any specific guidance for their class and provide an opportunity for you to respond if you have a question.

2. Host a session during their class or office hour where they will have students share their form with you, and check in briefly to break out rooms, similar to the in-person model.

3. Set up times during their office hours where you can sign up through Google Calendar for an appointment. Directions on how to sign-up will be provided.

The RMS Staff believes in the value of Reflection.  With that in mind, Principal Steinberger will send a survey home for you to share your feedback after Student-Led Conferences conclude.

If you have any questions about Student-Led Conferences, please contact your child’s Teacher (please be on the lookout for Teacher email) or Principal Steinberger: bsteinberger@sandi.net.

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