Personal Responsibility In Daily Excellence

Each month, our Counselors host Personal Responsibility In Daily Excellence (PRIDE) awards for Students. Teachers are asked to honor one Student who demonstrates their Roosevelt PRIDE in their online on-camera class sessions.  We are thrilled to announce the October 2020 PRIDE Awards for the following Students! Keep showing your Roosevelt IB PRIDE!! 

6th GRADE: Sofia Buby, Alan Cortes Gonzalez, Camila Hernandez, Emilio Morales, Hannah Nguyen, Melanie Ortega, Nolan Pichardo, Aaron Ramos, Hogan Rohlf.

7th GRADE: Sergey Akimenko, James Bils, Marshall Bobotis, Isabella Calderon Sadeghian, Erik Catano, Samuel Cadavid, Alfredo Flores, Wyatt Hoover, Amuro James, Caleb Knickerbocker, Otis Marino, Laura Meraz Pineda, Lily Mora, Blanca Munoz Sandoval, Mayzee Penick, Esteban Rodriguez, Jesus Rodriguez, Rouje Stockton, Melonie Tam, Brianna Vargas.

8th GRADE: Nevaeh Capell, Luan Cotta, Roy Erickson, Yetzira Frias Herrera, Ava Gallo, Matthew Garrison, Krisjin Goulet, Alyssa Longoria, Sierra Lopez Nusser, Zoe Merrick, Giovanni Meza Alatriste, Julien Morales, MacKenzie Nitzel, Adelina Ramirez, Kimberly Rios Newberry, Sara Villela, Maher Yassin.

Roosevelt IB Students Demonstrating PRIDE (Feb/March 2020): Caring for the RMS Garden (left) and Sharing their Roosevelt IB experiences with 5th Graders at Incoming Students Orientation (right).

If you are in need of extra support, please reach out to our team of Counselors: Ms. Martinez, Mrs. Penn and Ms. Santana. ALL Students are invited to participate in the Counselors’ Office Hours: Counselors’ Google Classroom: em76euk.

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