Roosevelt IB is excited to host Virtual Back to School Night on Thursday, Oct 1, 5:30 PM. 

To participate, you will need to use your Student’s login. Schools are experiencing problematic videos and images during public Zoom calls, so please make sure to authenticate prior to joining all Zoom calls. 

Watch this tutorial video to ensure you are able to authenticate yourself on Zoom.

Following is the Virtual Back to School Night Agenda:

5:30-5:40 PM: Introduction from Principal Steinberger.

5:45-5:55 PM: Meet the Counselors! Ms. Martinez (Last Names A-Go), Ms. Penn (Gp-Pa) and Ms. Santana, formerly Ms. Ramirez (Pb-Z).

Transition to Student Schedule. Please log in to each period’s Zoom using student access, just like students do for their classes everyday.

6:00-6:10 PM: Period 1 Zoom.

6:15-6:25 PM: Period 2 Zoom.

6:30-6:40 PM: Period 3 Zoom

6:45-6:55 PM: Advisory Zoom.

7:00-7:10 PM: Zero Period Zoom.

Roosevelt IB MS BTSN Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 875 2532 5515.

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