Dear 6th grade Families,

We have an update regarding the paired classes of Introduction to Music and Introduction to Spanish, and Beginning Band and Introduction to French.  For consistency and clarity, we have decided to have each course meet for the entire quarter. Specifically, this means that students will not have the classes alternate each week as we originally planned.

We originally designed the classes to alternate so that students would have the frequency of language learning and music learning throughout the year. However, with the challenges of online learning, and the importance of providing our students with consistency and the opportunity to build a supportive learning community, we have determined that it would be less confusing and make it easier to focus on each course if the students take each class one quarter at a time.

We truly believe that this change will allow for a rich learning experience for each course.

All the best,

Roosevelt Administration and Counseling

Here’s a sample 6th Grade Schedule for 2020-21:

Quarter 1Quarter 2Quarter 3Quarter 4
ScienceEnglishGTT (Medical Detective)English
MathSocial StudiesMathSocial Studies
Intro to [Spanish or French]P.E.Intro to MusicP.E.

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