Congratulations to the winners of the 4th Annual 6th Grade Rough Rider Short Story Competition. Every year, our 6th graders write personal narratives about significant moments in their lives. This year, the 4 top writers represent 4 different elementary schools, highlighting one of the great aspects of Roosevelt; our neighborhood diversity.

This year’s winners are Gerard Jorda (an alumnus from Jefferson Elementary School), Natalia Cortes (of Gage Elementary), Caleb Knickerbocker (of Birney Elementary), and Annelise Mages (of McKinley Elementary). Each of these writers worked hard to effectively craft a true story about their lives, perhaps modeled on an author we studied in class, and carefully edit it based on feedback. Please take the time to read their stories (click HERE to read on Ms. Peterson’s teacher webpage); I think you will be impressed and entertained!

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