RIMS_promotionWe are looking forward to seeing those of you that are able to make it next week to receive your promotion certificates and material drop off including textbooks, library books, and uniform donations.  Here are the dates and times by last name:

Material Drop-off

We will have a pick up of promotion certificates for all students in coordination with a drop off of materials.   We are collecting textbooks, old uniforms, and anything else you would like to donate.  We are not collecting devices if students are continuing onto a San Diego Unified High School.  If you are leaving the district, please do drop off your child’s device.  Please see below for the time slots for each student.

  June 1st June 2nd
  Last Name Last Name
8:00-8:30 A-Apo Lop-Mah
8:30-9:00 Are-Bor Mal-Mez
9:00-9:30 Bri-Car Mil-New
9:30-10:00 Cas-Del Nye-Pen
10:00-10:30 Dem-Est Per-Ram
10:30-11:00 F-Gar Ran-Rod
11:00-11:30 Gas-Gul Rog-San
11:30-12:00 Gut-Her Sar-Swe
12:00-12:30 Hoo-Jul T-Vas
12:30-1:00 K-Lon Veg-Z
  • Safety First: Staff will be following social distancing and safety guidelines to protect everyone. Students, parents, and family members should wear masks and follow social distances rules.
  • Drive Through Directions:
    • Enter from Zoo Drive: Enter from Zoo Drive, Southbound lane, and through the gate. Look for the balloons and follow the signs. You will drive through campus on the marked route, exiting through the gate next to the main office, onto Upas Street.
    • Remain in car: All students, parents, and family members must remain in the car at all times.
    • Wear a mask: Drivers and passengers should have a mask available for interacting with staff at drop off and pick up stations.
    • Student in Passenger Seat: The promoting student should sit in the passenger seat.
    • Display name in Window: Display a large paper in the front window with your student’s first and last name.
    • Bring materials in a bag: Bring textbooks and uniform donations in a bag for drop off.
    • Staff Members will come to you: A staff member will come to your vehicle at each drop-off / pick-up station.
  • Walk Up Directions:
    • Wear a mask: All members of your family should wear a mask while in line and at the pick-up table.
    • Physical DistanceForm one line leading to the front door of the main office, maintaining physical distancing lines. Keep your family close together to maintain a 6 ft. distance between families at all times. Families will be served one at a time and will not be allowed to enter the building.
    • Keep group smallPlease do not bring anyone other than those absolutely necessary.
    • Bring materials in a bagBring textbooks and uniform donations in a bag for drop off.

Collection of Personal Items

Personal Item Collection Survey is available to let us know what personal items your student might need to pick up from school. Please fill out the form online or call us with the information.

Thank you to our Staff and Parent Volunteers

They have been working very hard to create a safe, yet celebratory event for our families. Please be respectful and patient. If everyone arrives at their scheduled time, this should go smoothly.

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