Check your emails for your ASE acceptances because we just sent 232 emails! We’ve gone through 158 applications to place students in 15 classes being offered this semester. The most popular programs were Roosevelt Theatre Company (with some kids getting wait list status) and Running Club. Sadly, we did not meet minimum enrollment for Hip Hop Dance, so that class has been cancelled this term.

The class rosters will be put up on campus this week.

These programs are all provided for free by RooFriends and our sponsor organizations. This year, we’re providing more than 500 hours of free instruction across nineteen programs to more than 350 students. 

Running Club students: Coach Sand would like you to put on appropriate running attire (your Roosevelt PE clothes are fine) and running shoes (what you wear to PE is fine) before you meet him on the track.

Theater students: Some of you may have a conflict starting in April/May between Roosevelt Theatre Company and an existing Thursday class. We are counting on you to perform good communication with your instructors–those theater hours are longer than your existing class’s, so you can go to Strings first and then head on over to catch the second hour of theater.

If you would like free ASE programs to continue to be offered at Roosevelt, please show your support by either volunteering for one of our Parking Fundraisers by signing up here and letting the organizer know you would like your time to count towards ASE funding, or by making a donation here towards ASE programs:

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