Hello Roosevelt Families – 

I’d like to tell you about an exciting potential fundraising event we would like to start at Roosevelt this spring:

The RMS Sports-a-Thon!

(think jog-a-thon but for middle schoolers)

This sports-a-thon will be for all students, held during PE class and will, hopefully, help raise some funds for our school.  The kids voted on the sports-a-thon theme and a water balloon toss won out (shocker!).  Kids will launch water balloons and try to hit targets at varying distances.

We are thrilled that Mauricio Ahumada came up with this idea since we hope to raise some funds to cover the loss of parking funds, we typically raise during December nights and the holiday break (rain played a big factor!).

The money RooFriends raises, from our variety of fundraisers, covers many things such as:

  • The IB license fee
  • IB training for staff (needed to keep our IB accreditation)
  • Art integration (needed to keep our IB accreditation)
  • The librarian
  • Zoo Expeditionary Learning Program (ZELP)
  • Garden Program
  • All of the After School Enrichment Programs 

We are experiencing a shortfall in our incoming funds this year and are in jeopardy of losing some of these great programs we support if we don’t raise additional funds.

Therefore, the main purpose of my note, is to ask for your help with the Sports-a-Thon.  We need 4 – 5 adults to assist with organizing the event.  Your help could be anything from ordering and tracking supplies to setting up the fundraising software program to assisting with the finances to logistics during the day-of event (bring an extra pair of dry clothes 😊!).

Please consider helping out!  I really think this will be a fun event for our kids while raising funds to support the great programs for our kids.

Please contact Mauricio maurice68@gmail.com for more information!

Betsey Zbyszynski
RooFriends Foundation President

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