Roosevelt ASE classes will be ending next week, and we’re working on Spring 2020 right now. But here are the biggest questions we’ve got right now:

Do I need to re-enroll in January? 
* If your class is listed as a full-year class, you won’t need to re-enroll in January: Garden, GSA, Beginning Band, Cesar Chavez Service Club, Classic Movie Reviews, Girls in Science, MESA, Beginning Strings, JMUN, and Strategic Games. Confirm with your teacher this week.
* If you are in a “Fall Offering only” class that we’re offering again in Spring, then your student would need to re-enroll. Right now, Art Studio and Hip Hop Dance students will need to enroll for the Spring session in January. 
* The following classes will not be offered in Spring: Photography with MOPA, Improv, Upcycling Design Lab. 
* New class offerings are being finalized now and we hope to have the updated schedule and class descriptions on the website over the winter break.

When do classes start again?
Classes will be starting again February 3, unless you are told otherwise by your teacher.

When does Spring enrollment start?
Spring enrollment will be open by the time we come back to school on January 6th. We may open it earlier since the first-come, first-served no longer applies. Keep subscribing to RooFriends emails to be among the first to know.

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