4th Annual Make a Match Fundraiser
begins at 7:00 AM tomorrow 

Tomorrow, on Giving Tuesday, RooFriends will be hosting our one-day-only, online fundraiser. Our goal is to receive donations from 100 individual donors in order to maximize the potential of our matching pool!

Some expenses vital to the continuation of Roosevelt’s IB Middle Years Programme are not funded by the district. Therefore, our Roosevelt families are tasked with ensuring these funds are there to support our IB school. These expenses include our annual IB Fees as well as IB staff training. These two things will cost us an estimated $30,000 this year alone. A few years ago, when we were at risk of losing our PE teachers, it was the fact that our teachers were specifically trained for our program that they were saved. This investment in our teachers and our schools ensures the continuity in education our children deserve. Every bit of support helps.

A group of very generous community supporters will donate $70 every time a donation is made – of any size. That’s an additional $7000 if we reach 100 donors!

Too excited to wait for tomorrow?  Click on the link below and make your 100% tax-deductible donation on the RooFriends website today!



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