Students in the Associated Student Body (ASB)’s Environmental Committee have organized several events in recognition of the Global Climate Strike. The purpose of the Global Climate Strike is to demand action from people in power. We would like to share in that action as a school, raise awareness, and help with the fight!

Thursday, September 19:  The ASB Environmental Committee presented on RooTube informing students of the Global Climate Strike and the activities being planned.

Monday, September 23: The ASB Environmental Committee is working with the entire staff to promote a “no paper day.” Hopefully, students will not use paper in school all day. This will not only decrease our school’s paper use, but also demonstrate that paperless assignments are a viable option.

Tuesday, September 24: The ASB Environmental Committee is holding a fundraiser at Back to School Night to raise money to continue working on environmental causes during the whole school year. We will be selling scrunchies for $2 and metal straws for $3.

Wednesday, September 25: There will be a two minute optional stand up and moment of silence for climate change awareness. At 12:00 pm, all students, teachers and faculty members who wish to participate can stand up for two minutes and be silent. We are providing content that teachers may share with students upon which to reflect.

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