Thanks to all those who requested ASE classes this year. Class assignments have all been made, and classes will begin on Monday, September 16 (Photography students, remember to bring that signed Code of Conduct on Tuesday!). We’re happy to say that this year’s longest enrollment period ever resulted in 256 applications from 236 unique individuals, with three assisted entries. All classes have been filled and only eight students have not been placed. 

We’re happy to say that eliminating first-come, first-served has allowed more students greater access to ASE programs. We have more students who received one or two classes and less students who received three, four, or more classes. Students who received three or more classes this year were extremely lucky in their lotteries, had priority enrollment for what they applied to, and applied for the least popular classes.

To see a rundown of all the ASE enrollment data including a comparison for enrollment of 2018 vs 2019, please see the Fall 2019 ASE Enrollment slideshow.

These programs are all provided for free by RooFriends and our sponsor organizations. This fall, we’re providing more than 250 hours of instruction across sixteen programs to 228 students. If you would like free ASE programs to continue to be offered at Roosevelt, please show your support by either volunteering for one of our Parking Fundraisers by signing up here and letting the organizer know you would like your time to count towards ASE funding, or by making a donation here towards ASE programs:

We are looking for a new ASE coordinator for 2020-2021; if you are interested, please email RooFriends at

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