Thanks to the more than 220 students who applied for ASE programs. We’re happy to say most (97%) students received at least one class they requested and that all the offerings met the minimum class size numbers to go forward this year. We can’t wait to see what our students do in their After-School Enrichment programs.

ASE enrollment notices will be out on Wednesday, September 11th. Please look for those emails in your inbox.

These programs are all provided for free by RooFriends and our sponsor organizations. This fall, we’re providing more than 250 hours of instruction across sixteen programs to more than 210 students.

If you would like free ASE programs to continue to be offered at Roosevelt, please show your support by either volunteering for one of our Parking Fundraisers and letting the organizer know you would like your time to count towards ASE funding, or by making a donation here towards ASE programs.

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