Today’s the last day for ASE applications! These programs are offered free to all students from RooFriends, but you need to sign up before midnight tonight:

Please rank all classes in your student’s order of preference from 1st through 9th choice. This means you should only have one 1st choice, one 2nd choice, one 3rd choice, and so on up to nine classes. Students will not get any classes marked at the same priority level on their application. 

Classes that have more students applying as their 1st choice than seats available will be determined by lottery. For example, Photography has twice as many 1st choice applications as seats, so those placements will be done by lottery among those selecting Photography as a 1st choice. For more details, click here:

ASE classes begin the week of September 16th. Students will receive enrollment emails to let them know their ASE class schedule.

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