ASE registration is coming to an end on September 7th. The mandatory additional application for Girls in Science is due today, September 4th:

Our new ASE registration process requires families to rank their top classes in choice order. There should only be one 1st choice class, one 2nd choice class, one 3rd choice class, and so on up through 9th choice.

Some families are ranking their choices by day, so we’re getting submissions with two or three classes ranked as the 1st choice, two or three classes ranked as the 2nd choice, and two or three classes marked as 3rd choice. This was the old system and is no longer valid. 

When we receive registrations with multiple classes marked at the same choice level, we can’t tell which 1st choice class you want the most. We send an email asking those families to resubmit the application.

If you receive an email asking you to resubmit, please do so, ranking the classes your student wants in order (one 1st choice, one 2nd choice, one 3rd choice, etc.) across all the classes. If you submit before the September 7th deadline, we have a chance to review your application and ask you to resubmit if there’s an issue. With ASE, the last application submitted is the one we’ll count. We’re trying to provide the most classes to the most students, so help us help you!

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