It’s still not too late to join the 160+ other students who’ve already signed up for free After-school Enrichment programs offered by RooFriends. Apply online here, before the September 7th deadline:

Please note that you will be ranking classes in priority order. Classes which have more students selecting the class as their first choice than seats available will be chosen by lottery (unless otherwise stated). So far, the following classes have generated enough student interest that seats will be determined by lottery:

– Photography with MOPA
– Art studio

SPECIAL NOTE: Girls in Science enrollment will be determined by its additional mandatory application, which must be complete by September 4th:

Please read the class descriptions carefully to determine enrollment priorities:

If you have already registered and would like to register for additional classes, just submit another application. Only the last application submitted for a student will be considered. Classes with less than 15 students signing up will be cancelled, so tell your friends to sign up today. Emails with student enrollment will begin going out by September 11th. Thank you!

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