RooFriends Parking Fundraisers are a major source of revenue for various Roosevelt International programs. If you missed volunteering during the school year, RooFriends could use your help this Summer! Please SignUp for July 4th Weekend (July 5-7, Fri-Sun) and Pride Parade July 13. 

Click to View Volunteer Opportunities on

Choose one or more events, days or shifts and select your preferred organization to support. $25 per hour will be earmarked for your organization of choice.

Click to see all the RMS Programs you can support by volunteering for RooFriends Parking Fundraisers:

Thank you for volunteering!

2 replies on “Summer Parking Fundraisers: July 4th Weekend and Pride, July 13th

  1. Hi im trying to find the parking lot mentioned here (3366 Park Blvd, San Diego, CA 92103, USA). I cant seem to find it on google maps; that address points the “New City Church”. Is the parking lot the big one between Zoo Dr. and Park Blvd?


    1. Hi Rudy! Great question. The parking lot is on Zoo Drive across the street from the front doors of the War Memorial Building. (West side of Zoo Drive.) It’s between Roosevelt Middle School and the San Diego Zoo.


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