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It’s Show Week at Roosevelt International Middle School!!

Roosevelt MS Theatre Company invites RooFriends & Families to the Evening Performances in the Roosevelt MS Auditorium (Park Blvd & Zoo Drive).

Two Nights Only! The curtains open May 30 & 31 (Thursday & Friday) at 6 PM.

Doors open to the Public at 5:30 PM for Open Seating. FREE ADMISSION!! No tickets required. Run Time: estimated 1 hour.

Based on the 1970’s Saturday-morning educational cartoon series, Schoolhouse Rock Live! is an energetic musical with clever & catchy tunes.

Tom, a young school teacher, is nervous about his first day of teaching school. He tries to relax by watching TV and various characters emerge from the TV to show him how to win his students over with imagination and music. Memorable songs as “Just a Bill” and “Conjunction Junction” bring his lesson plans to life.

Thanks for supporting the Performing Arts at RMS!!


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