Dear families and music lovers,

We hope 2019 finds you all happy and healthy as we move into the second semester at Roosevelt. Thank you to all of the wonderful families and community members who donated to our Musical Tree fundraiser. Your generous support helps music students grow artistically and enables them to attend a music festival at Knott’s Berry Farm. Everyone can find joy in an invigorating school campus where students are given a chance to pursue their passion.

You can still donate to our music program below by selectingband/music program.” We accept donations 365 days a year—winter, spring, summer or fall!


Thank you to Dr. Casillas, teachers, staff and families for making music education a priority at Roosevelt. It will be even more exciting next year when the music program expands to six music classes for students of all levels. Seventh and eighth graders can take band or orchestra in small, seminar-style classes where they will receive more instruction and rehearsal time than ever before. Sixth graders may take an introduction to music as their 7th period elective where they can prepare for band or orchestra classes later on.

We invite all interested students to sign up for a music class next year and experience the rewards of learning something challenging and timeless, a performing art that can be practiced and enjoyed alone or with others. When students learn music, they also learn about teamwork, tenacity and creativity. Please encourage your children to see a school counselor if they would like to add music to their schedule.

Last but not least, we would like to thank the extraordinary ladies on the RooFriends Communications Team: Bridgette Tullis, Suzanne Vega, Lauren Ramers and Barbara Smith. They do such an amazing job keeping us informed about school events as well as uniting us in fundraising efforts to help our diverse students. We couldn’t have reached our fundraiser goal without them. Thanks a million!

Best regards,

Music Boosters

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