peaceonephotocropPeace One Day, Sept. 21st, is an annual day of Global Unity to commit to Peace above all differences and contribute to building a culture of peace. Peace One Day’s ultimate goal is to institutionalize the day around the world, engaging all sectors of society in its observance of global ceasefire and non-violence.

Roosevelt celebrates this day with classes and events on the topic of world peace, building the opportunity to promote the vision of Roosevelt’s International Baccalaureate program.. All 1,200 Roosevelt Middle School students, staff, and volunteers receive a Peace One Day T-Shirt and gather in the courtyard to create a human peace sign and join in a dance lead by our favorite school mascot, Teddy. The t-shirt features a student design on the front and local businesses who helped sponsor it on the back and can be worn as part of the student’s uniform all year long. The message of creating peace within your life, as well as others, is integrated throughout the celebration.

If you can help with the t-shirt coordination and/or distribution. Please email

If you’d like to help fund the t-shirts that are provided FREE to all the students and staff at Roosevelt, please donate here:

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