Roosevelt International Middle School’s annual 7th-grade Portfolio Presentations are scheduled for Thursday, June 7th. In order to make our presentations possible, we need volunteers to serve as panelists for our students. If you are able to give a portion of your day to serve as a panelist for our 7th-grade Portfolio Presentations, please indicate the times that you are available.

Ideally, we would appreciate a block of time that extends through multiple periods of the day; however, we do understand that you may only be able to volunteer for 1 or 2 periods. We certainly do appreciate ANY time that you are able to give. Your responsibility will be to listen to the presentations of 3-5 students (per time slot), ask them a few questions, score them and give them feedback on their presentation.

If you have any questions, you can email Danielle Harwood at or Mrs. Ehrlich at Thank you in advance for your time!

Sign up here: 7th Grade Portfolios


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