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The Roosevelt After-School Enrichment Programs for this school year will be ending soon. Most ASE programs end by May 18. Girls in Science and Roosevelt Theatre Co. will both end May 24.

Information about this year’s programs will be available on-line at the beginning of the school year at

Subscribe to The Friends of Roosevelt email list to get regular updates and news about the ASE programs. (Students DO NOT need to complete any PrimeTime forms to be eligible to join ASE.)

We would like to thank all our teachers, community partners, generous sponsors and all the volunteers who worked hard to bring these awesome programs to our students!

2 replies on “After-School Enrichment (ASE) Info

  1. Sabian Scrivner would like to sign up for jr. Theater. We are not having luck subscribing. Please call or emailed to get him signed up. It means so much to him. His brother was in it when he attended Roosevelt. Thank you
    Melissa Upshaw


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