January 25 is Family Night at the High Tech Fair
FREE and open to the public from 5pm – 8pm

Representatives from local STEM-related businesses such as Qualcomm, Genentech, Solar Turbines and Lockheed Martin will present examples of their work and demonstrate to students how the science they’re learning in the classroom is applied to the technology that is used and developed at these local businesses. The aim of the event is to enlighten students to the possibilities of a scientific career.

At the High Tech Fair, students can learn how math and science play a role in robotics, how rockets are designed to fly straight, how cellular behavior can be mathematically modeled and how physics and chemistry govern the activity of cells and organisms.

For more information on the High Tech Fair visit: http://www.fleetscience.org/events/high-tech-fairscience-report-clipart-6

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