Dear Roosevelt Community,

Our second annual, one-day only, Make-A-Match fundraiser was a great success. So many people responded to our call for financial support of Roosevelt Middle School’s IB program. We achieved our goal of 100 donors before 6:00 PM and raised a total of $17,300 in just one day!!

We have incredible news from our anonymous donors. First and foremost, our donors want to express their deep gratitude to everyone for their hard work supporting Roosevelt Middle School’s IB program. To celebrate our community’s incredible generosity, they are going to contribute their promised pledges plus more!


129 donors $8,805 donated online $7,550 anonymous pledges $945 bonus pledges

 Each of these dollars goes to support our valuable IB program. Thank you to everyone who has helped us have yet another successful fundraiser which allows the teachers and staff of Roosevelt Middle School to continue Educating internationally minded students who live and promote peace one day, peace every day.

Thank you,

The Friends of Roosevelt Middle School

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