The largest single source of revenue for RooFriends support of the school is the December Nights parking fundraiser. This year, December Nights will be held on December 1st & 2nd. With the new challenge of helping fund IB teacher training and IB license fee, we need all the revenue we can get. So, we need all the help we can get.

In order to make this event successful we need many volunteers to staff two days of parking, into the two lots, with three gates. Each gate needs sign twirlers, cashiers and parking attendants.

We need your family’s help. Student volunteers will get a certificate of volunteering, upon request. Volunteer shifts begin at 3:00pm on Friday and at 12:00pm on Saturday. Please select your shifts while they are hot!!


Approximately $15, 000 from past events have been used to support, in part, 8th grade graduation and events, Peace One Day T-shirts, ZELP, 6th grade camp, teacher mini grants, the garden program and others.

Richard Harris, Past President RooFriends

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