Some of you have asked about pricing (see below). You can also download 2017-18: Uniform Order form. Please go to Room 104 to buy your uniforms Monday-Thursday this week. See Calendar for days/times.

signup-choose-a-spot-btnWe currently have 0 volunteers to help Ms. Akella on Tuesday & Wednesday and only 1 person signed up for Thursday. Please sign up for a shift as soon as possible. She especially needs help on Thursday morning.

2017-18 Pricing & Sizes

Item Sizes Price per Unit
Hoodie YS  YM  YL  AS  AM  AL $25.00
Hoodie XL   2XL   3XL $28.00
Polo – White YS  YM  YL  YXL  AS  AM   AL $11.00
Polo – White XL   2XL $14.00
Polo – Gray YS YM YL YXL AS AM  AL $11.00
Polo – Gray XL   2XL   3XL $14.00
Polo – Maroon YS  YM  YL  YXL AS AM AL $11.00
Polo – Maroon XL   2XL $14.00
PE – Shirt YS  YM  YL  YXL  AS  AM  AL

XL   2XL

PE Short XS  S  M  L  XL  2XL $11.00
Sweatshirt YM   YL  YXL  S  M  L  XL  2XL $13.00
Sweatpants YM   YL  YXL  S  M  L  XL  2XL $14.00
Lock Combination Lock $6.00
Yearbook August 2017 –February 2017

March 1st  2018



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