Friends of Roosevelt

Friends of Roosevelt is a 501(c)3 non profit foundation and was founded in 2014 by parents, staff and community members. Our EIN is 38-3933254 
Our Vision is to provide community support for excellence in education and to provide resources for new and creative approaches for existing programs in order to prepare students to successfully meet the challenges of the future and be productive members of their community.
Our Mission is to facilitate our community’s interests in supporting education by offering individuals, business and service organizations efficient, innovative and rewarding options for donations and other support.
Who we do it for:

Students of Roosevelt Middle School are our primary beneficiaries with their families and the and the community benefiting by extension. We also expect that our financial supporters will benefit from personal satisfaction, visibility for valued community service and enhanced corporate image.

How we do it:

Current revenue sources include parent, family and neighbor donations, sponsorships through “Partners in Education”, parking fundraisers and events under development such as an on-line and physical silent auction

Current targets for funding include support of enrichment projects that are a necessary part of the school’s Middle Years International Baccalaureate program that are currently not funded through public sources.

Board of Directors, 2017-2018

  • Mauricio Ahumada, President (Parent)
  • Jennifer Sabo Spencer, Vice President (Parent)
  • Deb Christensen, IB Coordinator and Secretary
  • Richard Harris, Past President (Community)
  • Rachel Rath, Treasurer (Parent)
  • Mindy Hayes, Secretary (Parent)
  • Gabriella Dumka, Chair of Communications Committee (Parent)
  • Molly McJohn, Chair of School Clubs Committee (Parent)
  • John Amat (Parent)

Advisory Council (Non Voting)

  • Dr. Christina Casillas, Principal
  • Deb Christensen, IB Coordinator
  • Alita Riley, Science Teacher
Foundation Revenue
FY 2014-15: $14,662  (Initial year)
FY 2015-16: $42,831
FY 2016-17: $56,682
Business Partneers #2